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27th September 2015

Autism conference in Cracow, Poland

There was a meeting of the participants of the study at an autism conference in Cracow, Poland yesterday and the following was decided. All participants will use the same evaluation systems, which will be:

  1. Waldon Assessment. This will be performed by the facilitator with video back up, and scored by a designated person who will carry out the evaluations at the sites in Jerusalem, the UK and New York
  2. Vinelands Adaptive Behavior Scale (VABS-II). This will be completed by the parents with assistance from the Social Worker at PBS.
  3. Mullen-scales-of-early-learning. This will be performed by the designated person
  4. Harimata Play.Care I-Pad app. This will be applied by the facilitator
Evaluation of the six children in the trial at PBS will take place before the first session, hopefully in October 2015, and in April and October 2016. If any of the trial participants will not be present in the following school year their evaluation will be brought forward to July 2015

Each participant must have a documented diagnosis of autism. All treatments as usual are permitted but must be declared. All co-morbidities must also be declared.

Parents must agree to give a 40-minute Waldon lesson each week and must declare each week how many lessons they gave in the previous week. This will be recorded. Parents must provide informed consent for the trial.

The six children who are enrolled in the autism classes at PBS but who are not a part of the trial will be the control group. As such they will be tested three times a year in the same manner as the treatment group. They must also provide informed consent.

20th August 2015

"New study" by Jonathan Delafield Butt PhD and Walter Solomon MA

Jonathan Delafield Butt and Walter Solomon are starting a two centre study in Edinburgh and Jerusalem to study the clinical effect and the parental satisfaction of the Waldon Approach.

Children will be seen weekly by a Waldon facilitator and parents will be trained to give at least three home lessons of 40 minutes each week. Evaluations will be carried out three times per year. Informed consent will be requested and IRB or equivalent approval will be obtained.

The first cohort of six children will be enrolled on October 7th 2015 at the Princess Basma School for Disabled Children in East Jerusalem.

More information will be released, and a PDF will appear in about a year after the study concludes.