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The short clips are from old videos of Geoffrey Waldon and are cut in ways which illustrate the different learning-how-to-learn-tools and their precursors which are the subject of chapters five and six of the book Autism and Understanding. The quality of the videos reflects the time of their creation, often over 20 years ago and originally on VHS. But the content is priceless.

The videos are largely silent but each has an explanation below. The exercises seem simple, and to the uneducated eye it is really hard to understand how they can lead to a growth of understanding. The short explanations attempt to point out what is really going on beneath the simplicity of the actions. This is explained in depth in chapters five and six of the book.

The longer films are of Walter working in a school in Oxfordshire. They are for parents and teachers who are using or planning to use the Waldon Approach, and by watching and absorbing the films they will develop the breadth and depth of their own teaching skills. Most of the teaching aids used in the films are available from the on-line shop on this website. The parents have all given permission for these films to be used for educational purposes on the website.
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1. Stephen, March 2013
2. Maia, March 2013
3. Little Michael, March 2013
4. Big Michael, March 2013
5. Graham, March 2013
6. Mary, March 2013
7. Nick, March 2013
8. Christina, March 2013
9. Neville, March 2013