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Useful Links

Autism Eye magazine

Autism Eye offers independent, in-depth, useful information for the parents and professionals who care for children with autism. The quarterly title is produced by parents who are also national award-winning journalists. It is available from just £11.20 a year (digital edition) or £14 a year (printed edition).
All Things Autism website Link

All Things Autism

As parents to a child severely affected by autistic spectrum disorder, we have been and still are continually struggling to find the information and products that will help meet the challenge of not only keeping our child safe and healthy, but of promoting his learning and development. The simple aim of this website is to help parents find some of those things and in doing so help save valuable time that could be better used doing other things (like sleeping!).
The Waldon Association Link

The Waldon Association

This site provides technical and expert background to the Waldon philosophy. It is filled with inter-esting information including some
of Geoffrey Waldon’s own papers.
University Blog Link

University of Connecticut

Professor Deborah Fein is one of the rare ‘experts’ who believes that recovery from autism is possible.
Reaching Autism Link

Sibylle Janert

Sibylle is a Psychologist and Autism Specialist, with extensive practical, academic & research experience of working ‘on her hands and knees’ with children on the autistic spectrum.
Guardian Obituary Link

Elinor Goldschmied

a pioneer in early childhood development – an interesting obituary in the Guardian.
Education Scotland Link

Professor Colwyn Trevarthen

Colwyn Trevarthen is Emeritus Professor of Child Psychology and Psychobiology at the University of Edinburgh, and is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and a Vice President of the British Association for Early Childhood Education.
The Pennyhooks Project Link

Pennyhooks Project

An organic farm that runs courses for young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Autism Charities and Societies around the world
The National Autistic Society Link

National Autistic Society (UK)

The NAS is the leading society for autism in the UK.
The Autism Society of India Link

The Autism Society of India

National body for concerted action on all matters relating to persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families.
Action for Autism (India) Link

Action for Autism (India)

We are Action For Autism (AFA): the pioneering, national and non-profit autism society of India. We provide support and services to persons with autism and those who work with them in South Asia.
Autism Society USA Link

The Autism Society of America

The Autism Society of America is the leading US charity for Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
Autism Society Canada Link

The Autism Society of Canada

The Autism Society of Canada / société canadienne de l’autisme is the leading Canadian charity for Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
Autism Link

Autistic Spectrum Australia

The Autistic Spectrum Australia is the leading Australian charity for Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
Autism New Zealand Link

Autism New Zealand

Autism New Zealand is the leading New Zealand charity for Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
Autism South Africa Link

Autism South Africa

Autism South Africa is the leading South African charity for Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
Autism Awareness Day Link

Autism Awareness Day

Co-ordinates World Autism Awareness Day and has links to Autism Societies and help groups around the world.
Autism Speaks Link

Autism Speaks
At Autism Speaks, our goal is to change the future for all who struggle with autism spectrum disorders. Autism Speaks was founded in February 2005 by Bob and Suzanne Wright, grandparents of a child with autism. Since then, Autism Speaks has grown into North America’s largest autism science and advocacy organization, dedicated to funding research into the causes, prevention, and treatments for autism; increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders; and advocating for the needs of individuals with autism and their families.