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Getting started

Once you have read the book Autism and Understanding by Walter Solomon, Chris Holland and Mary Jo Middleton, The Waldon Approach to Child Development, published by SAGE, you will have enough information to get started using items you can find around your home and in your kitchen. Some useful items can also be purchased from the on-line shop.

Further information on giving Waldon Lessons, including a useful video, can be found in Every Child Can Learn by Katrin Stroh, Thelma Robinson, Alan Proctor, Using learning tools and play to help children with Developmental Delay, also published by SAGE

Experienced Waldon teachers are also available to help you get started and if you are close enough to one of them it might be worth the time and effort and relatively modest cost of having two or three assessment sessions with one of them. Please choose one of them from the list and complete the form which comes up when you press the link by their name.

There is a comprehensive and free on-line training programme which can be supplemented by weekly Skype sessions with Walter Solomon.

Waldon teachers/facilitators:
Please use the contact us form if you would like to receive training.