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The Waldon Approach is parent or school based and the use of facilitators/supervisors is to promote increased competence in parents and teachers as they guide children with difficulties to gain their understanding of the world they live in. So the facilitator will work with or Skype-watch the parent or teacher working with the child once a week for a one hour session and the parent or teacher will repeat this lesson at home or at school for up to five additional sessions during the week.

Practitioners, teachers or parents wishing to become certified in the use of the Waldon Approach need to understand both the philosophy behind the approach and the practice of the Waldon Lesson. Although the lessons look simple to the untrained eye they cannot be effectively utilised without a deep understanding of the reasons behind the methodology.

Fortunately most of the material is freely available on the Autism and Understanding website and on the parallel website of the Waldon Association. There are also two recently published books which can be purchased on the publisher's website (SAGE Publications) or through Amazon.

In order to get started it is recommended to read Autism and Understanding by Walter Solomon et al. and then to follow the lesson videos:

Following this it will be helpful to read Every Child Can Learn by Katrin Stroh et al., which provides detailed information on the different components of the "Waldon Lesson."

Next you will be asked to study Geoffrey Waldon's paper Understanding UNDERSTANDING:

Then you will be required to study the diverse materials on the Waldon Association website starting with"

The Processes of Sorting and Matching:

The Origins of Understanding:

and finally the lessons at:

As soon as you feel ready you can start working with children and you will be able to have your lessons supervised by an experienced practitioner either in person or over Skype. This is the first time that any payment will be necessary except for the purchase of two books.


There will be two levels of Certification.

Level One - Certificate of Attendance (Actual or Virtual)

This will be awarded to anyone who can provide evidence of completion of the written materials by taking and passing a straightforward examination demonstrating knowledge of both the philosophy and practice. Two sample questions are:

  1. Compare and contrast General Understanding and Particular Understanding
  2. Why do we place so much emphasis on Picking -up-and- Putting-in and Banging-and-Scraping?
Level Two - Practitioner's Certificate for those who have achieved the level one certificate, have written an essay on a subject assigned by your supervisor and has used the Waldon Approach with not less than four children with developmental delay supervised by an experienced practitioner for a minimum period of six months.

There is a growing community of practitioners with whom prospective practitioners will be able to connect. We invite YOU to join the community.