Meaning Comes From Movement

Sensory and Movement Differences are both a Cause and a Consequence of ASD

This is the first in a planned series of blogs on a variety of topics around child development with particular importance to practitioners, parents and others who may be interested in the distillation of information from current scientific thinking. This first blog concentrates on Meaning from Movement or the crucial necessity of intentional sensorimotor activity on the perceptual, cognitive and emotional development of the child. Many of the quoted papers are from leading research contributors to a special issue of the journal: Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience, January 2013, on the subject of “The Movement Perspective”. Others are by leading researchers in the fields of neurobiology, computational neuroscience and developmental psychobiology. They support the role of discovery learning in typical development and suggest the need for a sensorimotor intervention when there is a primary deficit in sensorimotor intentionality.

Walter Solomon MA (Cantab) Parent, Author and Practitioner

September 2015
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Walter Solomon is the father of Robert, the autistic boy who is the first subject of the book. He was educated at St Paul’s School, London and has a Masters degree in economics from Cambridge. He is a passionate advocate of the Waldon Approach, works with developmentally delayed children and adults in three different locations in Israel. He lives in Zur Hadassah a small town in a beautiful wine growing area in the Jerusalem hills.